Our Logo and what it means

When you crush bend tubing, you can lose up to 40% of flow.  Plus we can only bend up to 135 degrees.  Mandrel bending gives you 99% of Flow for Performance and Power, plus we can bend 180 degrees without crushing.

Mandrel VS Crush 

We opened with the idea that we should offer something no other shop does in the Portland area, Mandrel exhaust.  Since no one wanted to play the game, we became PDX's ONLY Mandrel Exhaust Shop.

Our Shop

10315 Southeast Highway 212, ClackamasOR 97015, USA

Monday through Friday 

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

NO appointments will be taken before 8:30 AM

No Mandrel Appointments before 10:00 AM

When leaving your vehicle for a Mandrel job, expect to leave for a minimum of 2 DAYS.

Business Hours

When we opened in 2006, we wanted a logo people can associate us with.  Our cat "Lippy" became a character that was perfect. Cute, but a mean streak.  So, yes, the cat is real.

Get Bent! Exhaust